Who is Subvention

Subvention has been the leading independent subsidy consultancy for over twenty years. Working from our locations in Enschede and Zwolle, we dedicate our activities to clients willing to invest and work in the Netherlands.

Our consultants specialise in securing subsidies, with a particular focus on the fields of Real Estate, Industry, Housing Associations, Agriculture and ICT. We make our clients aware of the full range of appropriate subsidies open to them, we can apply for these subsidies on behalf of our clients and look after the complete and often intricate administration process involved. We also offer to fully take care of the project management for you.

Our principal aim is to take fully care of the subsidy process of our clients.

Knowledge of your sector

We possess a keen natural curiosity to know everything about you and your ambitions, a sentiment clearly expressed in the way we are always prepared to work in tandem with you. Our consultants will examine your organisation and project from the widest perspective and are supported by an outstanding knowledge of your sector. This often results in us not only finding the answer to your original question, but also in opening up other prospects and alternative opportunities. Along with you we are able to translate these into concrete, feasible steps.

Taking complete care of your subsidy process

Our services consist of project management and the management of highly complex subsidy applications. With larger projects, a subsidy application often consists of a comprehensive project plan underpinned by a financial and/or technical section, all of which must be of meticulous quality. Two decades of direct hands-on experience enables us to marshal the required knowledge with authority when putting together a superior project plan.

As well as helping to execute a project plan we can also establish a financial and administrative project organisation. This includes consulting with the various authorities and bodies involved and, if required, carrying through any objections and appeals procedures to successful completion. Subvention is the bridge between you and the subsidy provider. We only ever aim for the best result for our clients.

We cannot wait to roll up our sleeves and set to work!

Our working method is marked by our attention to personal attention, our readily available (specific) knowledge and our keen proactive approach. Jackets off, sleeves up: there is little time to lose! We assist organisations and people to make clear headway: something that simply energises and enthuses us!

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