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Industry in general faces a number of developments and challenges, such as more sustainable methods of production, more efficient use/reuse of raw materials and reductions in the use of natural gas. These are tendencies in the market which offer possibilities and opportunities for subsidies.

Subvention is specialized in guiding entrepreneurs in obtaining subsidies for investment and/or developments in their physical product or company processes.

Combining knowledge for the optimal result

We offer a range of in-house specialisms to ensure that you obtain the very best subsidy result. Our consultants have wide and extensive knowledge of both technology and investment and innovation subsidies, which means we are also able to handle extremely complex schemes. This combined knowledge is of exceptional additional value when establishing a link between your project and the available subsidies in the fields of innovation and investment.

Please contact us for subsidies regarding:

  • Innovation projects focused on product, programme and/or process development.
  • Investments for adjustments to or expansion of the production process.
  • The renovation or new construction of a commercial production location and/or office.

Periodical contact and fast acting

We find it imperative to be in regular contact with our clients, to have complete knowledge of the circumstances and to ensure you are kept up to speed on any new subsidy opportunities and developments as they arise. This means we can react rapidly when new subsidy schemes which may interest your company are proposed or launched. This approach allows us to think with you with regard to projects and investments, from the very start through to a decision, and to react to new developments in good time. All this with the determination to deliver optimal results!

Want to know what subsisdy schemes are available for your situation?

Please do not hesitate to contact one of our consultants, obligation-free, to discover the subsidy opportunities open to your company.

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